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La Perouse collection website is a gateway for all researchers ans historians interested in the greatest French expedition of the 18th century. Discover this prestigious collection through this website thought and created by the Assocation Salomon in partnership with the Maritime Museum of New Caledonia.



The Maritime Museum of New Caledonia has welcomed members of the Friends of the Laperouse Museum of Botany Bay, Australia. 

On Dec 17th, Charles Abela, vice president of the association, and Carol, his wife and member, have visited the museum with Valérie Vattier, director of the museum and Alain Le Bréüs, Board Secretary.

On Dec 31rst, Greg and Lily Bond, respectively treasurer and member, have also discovered the museum with Valérie, Alain and Gilbert Castet, president of the Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum collaborates with the Friends of the Laperouse Museum in our common passion for the history of La Pérouse.



At the Musée d'histoire de Marseille (France)

From April 29th 2016 till May 28th 2017

To celebrate the 50 years of the DRASSM (Underwater Archeological Research French Institure), the exhibition "Memoire à la mer, plongée au coeur de l'archéologie sous-marine" will be on display at the Musée d'Histoire de Marseille (France) from April 29th 2016 till May 28th 2017. On this occasion the Musée maritime de Nouvelle-Calédonie lends some prestigious objects from La Pérouse collection like a Phial for consecrated oils, a Crucifix, Glass Beads, a Candle Holder, Pieces of flute....



From March 28th till April 3rd

1st worldwide cultural event on Twitter. Born in France, raised by the World!

During one week follow us on Twitter , 1 tweet per day! 



The Swimmy Project, a giant carp carrying thousands of children drawings and dreams, has flown on the Amedee Lighthouse along with some other carps on March 4th 2016 ! This project was born in Japan in 2011 to assist Fukushima children and aims to share children dreams around the world. The giant carp will then go to Kobé in Japan for the children Day on May 5th.

Watch this video with beautiful images : 


Photo Claude Babin, video Taichi Furukawa