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Located near the reception area, the newly renovated Museum shop offers:

Clothing and accessories (children and adult sizes) : T-shirts, casquettes, polos, shorts, coupe-vents, débardeurs, polaires, serviettes

Key-rings with a nautical theme : anchor, compass, hour-glass, sextant, ship's wheel, telescope, etc.

Lapita pottery reproductions and engraved bamboos : created by Jean-Pierre Siorat, archaeologist

Marine gift items : jewellery boxes, compasses, hour-glasses, sextant replicas, telescopes, light fixtures, etc.

Books dealing with the local maritime history : "Amédé Lighthouse", "The Story of the Monique", "The La Pérouse Expedition", "Story of a Shipwreck", etc.

DVDs : "The incredible adventure of Monsieur de La Pérouse", and many others.