Exposition permanenteMusée MaritimeThe golden age of sea travel

Saturday 31 March 2018 from 2:30pm to 5pm; drawing lots at 5pm

Black Bunny evil pirate has hidden his freight of chocolate eggs in the maritime museum, before disappearing into deep sea.

To find it, you'll be guided but you'll need to face dangerous trials and you won't be the only one to search for it as this priceless treasure is much coveted!

If you're succefull you'll keep your part of the booty, and if you're really lucky, your name will be selected by drawings lots and you'll have the biggest part of it!

Join us and do not forget to come with your dreaded pirate costume....and show no mercy!


Free for less than 3 years old; 500F/child; 1000/Adult

Information 26-34-43/28-68-21

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