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From March 28th till April 3rd

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The Swimmy Project, a giant carp carrying thousands of children drawings and dreams, has flown on the Amedee Lighthouse along with some other carps on March 4th 2016 ! This project was born in Japan in 2011 to assist Fukushima children and aims to share children dreams around the world. The giant carp will then go to Kobé in Japan for the children Day on May 5th.

Watch this video with beautiful images : 


Photo Claude Babin, video Taichi Furukawa


The Museum of Maritime History participates in the annual "Night of the Museums" event. See schedule.


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Friday May 22 and Saturday Mai 23, 2015

A free theatre show will be presented from 6 pm to 8:30 pm (a show every half hour), following which the Museum will be open to all, free of charge, until 9:30 pm.

Plot of the show: A burglar sneaks into the Museum at night, intent on finding valuables. What he doesn't know is that this is the night when all the historical characters come to life and try to escape... Our burglar won't forget his attempt at larceny in a hurry!

Do not miss this entertaining show, presented by the Compagnie de l'Archipel. Text by Firmin Mussard, directed by Dominique Jean.