Exposition permanenteMusée MaritimeThe golden age of sea travel

Temporary exhibition from September 15 2018

On First Floor

In New Caledonia, with its large forests, a new expertise on ship building appeared in the mid-nineteenth century introduced by European settlers, alongside traditional canoes which had been built by Kanak for centuries.

Since then, several shipyards were established all around New Caledonia but Noumea, and more precisely around Baie de la Moselle, was where the activity reached its peak in the 1920s and 1930s. In the 1970s modern materials replaced wood and the business, little by little, slowed down.

With its unusual scenography, this exhibition shows a great range of marine carpenter tools and relates the evolution and the rich expertise of the marine carpenters, who for generations marked the history of New Caledonia navigation.

The text of this exhibition has been translated into english.