Exposition permanenteMusée MaritimeThe Monique The silence of the deep

Temporary Exhibition from August 2023

The exhibition is part of the celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the disappearance of the Monique, a New Caledonian coaster used to carry freight and passengers.

On the night of July 31st to August 1st 1953, the ship mysteriously disappeared between Maré and Noumea, with 126 people on board: men, women and children of all ages from different communities.

The exhibition follows the story, which took place at a time when boats were the only means of transport between Grande Terre and the Loyalty Islands, when there were few statutory restrictions on navigation, and when the safety of the passengers was less important than that of the goods being shipped.

 By joining in the commemorations being held across the country, the Maritime Museum hopes to contribute to lifting the silence that has shrouded this tragedy for decades. In doing so, it hopes to keep this historical event alive and make it accessible to everyone, so that it will remain a part of the consciousness of the new generations.

 More than anything else, this exhibition pays tribute to the memory of those who died at sea and of their families.